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Old South Candy

Unicorn Cotton Candy Fudge

Unicorn Cotton Candy Fudge

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Cotton Candy Fudge (also called Unicorn Fudge)

Once upon a time, the quiet flittering of a tiny fairy godmother’s wings was heard as she stretched out her magic wand, waving it over the very best sugar and poof! Uncle Butch’s Cotton Candy Fudge appeared! It is said that upon receiving a box of this fudge if you concentrate, you can still hear the other fairies fighting over it. It is the most elegant, whimsical, fascinating, and sparkling fudge known to humanity. A phenomenal, beautiful, creamy indulgence that is truly sublime!

Allergen alert
All of our fudge may contain trace amounts of nuts, milk proteins, gluten and peanuts that are used at our facility.
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